For ease of reference, we describe our services relative to the following main phases of a development.
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The conceptual phase is where the first ideas are collected and evaluated for new projects or developments. Our engineers are experienced in project specification and delivery and by applying this to the earliest phases of projects we build simple, workable, economically viable solutions that can be logically and efficiently developed to execution with minimum rethinks and rework.

Our capability also allows us to provide continuity of personnel and services into the engineering and project management of the definition and execution phases beyond the conceptual study.


• Definition
• Design


• Manufacturing Support
• Commissioning
• Test
• Handover
• Duties and Expertise:
• ASME VIII Div1 & Div 2 Clamp, Hub and pressure vessel design.
• ASME B31.4 / B31.8 / B31.3 , API 17D (2nd Edition), DNV and PD8010 pipe line design.
• Material selection of Sour/Sweet service ( NORSOK M630, API 6A, API 5L, NACE MR0175, EEMUA 194).
• Forging and Fitting Manufacturing and Heat treatment process (NORSOK M630, API 6A, API RP 6HT.
• Welding Qualification for Pressure/Structural items including CRA and Butter (ASME IX, AWS D1.1, EMMUA 154,BS 4515,NORSOK M601)
• Flange and Fittings design to testing (ANSI B16.5 .ANSI B16.9, API 6A, ASME VIII)
• Testing to ASTM A370, API 6A PR2 , FAT , EFAT, API 17D (2nd Edition)
• Qualification to API 6A PR2 PSL3(g) and API 17D
• Approving Vendor documents for welding, protective coating, forging and heat treatment, material certifications and inspection test plan.
• Engineering calculation / FE analysis and thermal analysis.
• Establishing quality requirements of project